The Lore of Upper Saddle River by William N. Yeomans is more than a history book... it is filled with quotes from
long-time residents who were here, saw what was going on, and tell you about it in their own words.   Their stories and
anecdotes coupled with page after page of rare old pictures bring the years from the past alive, and the lively narrative makes
you feel you were there, part of the transition of the valley from a wilderness to a rural farm town, and finally to the beautiful
suburban community it is today.
Copies are on sale for $25.00 plus $6.00 shipping charge per book.
Contact:  -  Phone - 201-327-7312
Or Mail:  -  personal check  made out to : USR Historical Society        Send to:   Paula Rytter
                                                                                                                               19 Cider Hill
                                                                                                                               Upper Saddle River, NJ
Copyright  1994 the "Lore"
was prepared in Honor of the USR
Centennial. It is a hard bound
edition with  color cover, 148 pages
and nearly 200 photographs with
vintage  maps and drawings.  The
"Lore" was professionally designed
and printed on fine paper.