SNAKE FENCE  - a zig-zag fence of split rails once common in this area was
added to the  property north of the Van Riper Tice barn. The project was
completed in 2001 with the help of Will Mazzuto and the vision of John Kroner
and Joanne Lombardo.
The VAN RIPER-TICE BARN was erected about 1800 by the Van Riper Family on their farm
on West Saddle River Road (near the Cultural Center.) It was later owned for many years by  
Harmon Tice.  In 1989 it was scheduled to be demolished to make way for a development - the
Historical Society dismantled it, moved it to the Museum grounds, and had it restored and
rebuild on its present location.
The Privy or Outhouse was in use at the  
Hopper-Goetschius House until 1962 when
plumbing  was installed in the house.
For more history on the
Article from the Town Journal - Feb. 25, 2010
The RAMSEY SAYER  house was moved to the
grounds in 1999 to become part of the museum
complex.  This is the oldest existing frame house in
Upper Saddle River, a good example of a tenant
house common on farms in this area.
The RAMSEY SAYER house belonged to William
Ramsey the grandfather of Kate Fisher Goetschius,
mother of Steve Goetschius, who lived in the Hopper
Goetschius house for  many years.
List of Items Currently in
Van Riper - Tice Barn